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Do you suspect stress from daily life, fear of an audience, or a weak dis-engaged voice is impacting your effectiveness?  Try this quiz to learn more.


  1. Does your voice change throughout the day, often becoming tired and dry, hoarse or sore?
  2. Do you lose your concentration when speaking, fear people will be bored, or fear they will think/feel negatively about what you say?
  3. Do you avoid speaking in front of people or making business calls?
  4. Do you hold your breath when you speak or feel muscle tension in your body?
  5. Do you cough to clear your throat or need water to clear it or sooth dry mouth?
  6. Do people have difficulty hearing you or does it quiver when you speak?
  7. Do you sometimes wish you had more confidence or control over your voice?
  8. Do you dislike the sound quality of your voice?
  9. Do you make simple mistakes during a presentation, rely on slides/notes to keep you organized, or feel you cannot get your message across because of physical symptoms?
  10. Have you ever been uneasy about an upcoming event where you did not know how to adequately handle yourself such as an important social engagement/party, television/radio interview, courtroom battle or a life changing event such as a wedding?
  11. Do you feel nervous before a presentation?  Do you find you feel inadequate and possibly get agitated when having to speak to groups of people?
  12. Have you previously worked with a voice trainer but was left feeling un-natural with the important issues left unresolved?
  13. Do you not ask questions due to a fear of speaking in front of others or the fear of being laughed at?

Speaking in public is very painful, isn’t it?

If you answered YES to more than three of these questions stage fright and the improper use of the voice is impacting your communication in a dis-empowering way.  There is no need to fumble over something that can be improved easily.

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