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The Forefront of Voice Technology - Personalized Training

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Hi.  I am Vocal Coach Donna Flynn. People show up at my office with more than just goals.  They show up with dreams and goals for their future, be it career or simply to find more inner joy.  I take my role in that seriously by bringing you only the most comprehensive training tools known today.



Step 1 Engage your Full Vocal System using 4-Key medically and scientifically developed voice principles.

Step 2 Build confidence and give a consistent delivery that you can be proud of.  Stop stage fright and anxiety in its tracks!  Learn to control your voice, develop your stage style, and connect with and inspire others, becoming fully engaged with your audience.

Step 3 Step outside the box.  This by far is the most powerful training available today.  The more you are willing to throw yourself into new territory, the greater the rewards will be.  Reach greater levels of personal excellence.  Come open to the experience, ready to discover the unexpected.


That's where you can view my latest coaching video "How to Go From Singing Badly to Singing Great" - Located at the bottom of my home page.



Remember, all professional singers and thought leaders use coaches throughout their entire careers to advance to higher levels, creatively and technically!

Call me at 416-436-8063 and let's get started today.  You will wish you had done it sooner!


CRUSH Stage Fright and Anxiety in 60 Seconds - Learn How




“Thank you Donna for so sensitively tailoring each session to my personality, talents and learning style. You calm and reassure me. Yet you also energize and encourage me. I leave each session more confident in myself and more excited for our next one.

You're a delightfully positive breath of fresh air. I just want to take big delicious gulps whenever I see you!” Jonathan Wong

“As valuable and instructive as the individual lessons are, the real gift is the takeaway of her technique.  It remains like software in your App installed for your voice. One of her lessons isn't like 10...more like 50 or 100." Barry McIntrye


"She helped me to see, what fifteen years of classical training could not! Genius!"
Christine Wall - Actress Movie & TV



My Story:

Have you ever been told to "sing or speak from your diaphragm" or "take in more air so you don't run out"?  There seems to be so many ideas about how the voice functions naturally that it can become confusing to figure out what is good for your voice and what is not.


Singing is an art and each voice unique in its own way.  Without a doubt expressing ourselves through our command over the inner voice inside each of us is one of our greatest joys.  There is nothing better than picking a song and singing it out at the top of our lungs.  I think almost everyone has done that at some point.  There is actually scientific evidence saying it is impossible to sing and be sad at the same time.  I guess that explains why.  But what is the difference between just singing out a song you hear on the radio or read from a songbook and expressing it from the deepest part of you?  A big difference I’d say!


There are no words to describe the feeling one gets from finding that perfect flow between song and voice, the bonds that are made between people, the fun and laughs shared from being a part of a musical social circle, the confidence you gain, the list goes on and on.  When we give ourselves recognition for "nailing" a great song, or for some who perform, getting acknowledgement from an audience, it is the ultimate reward.


The voice is a "vocal instrument".  It is something extremely personal.  Singers can always sense the voice that is deep inside even if they have not explored the many dimensions in it.  This limited perspective cuts off the ability to experience your full voice.  You can never grow and reach a higher level that way.


I know, because I was just like that.  I tried everything, fell for all the gimmicks, studied the ‘man made’ methods, and ended up with little more than a false sense of my natural voice.  I had met with all the top vocal coaches, took as many workshops and read as many books as I possibly could but it all seemed to be the same redundant scales and empty promises.  I remember how embarrassed I felt performing in a show my vocal coach was having.  When on stage I suddenly realizing it was about selling cocktails and promoting his business which had nothing to do with presenting me well to my friends and family.  I did not know where I belonged but it certainly was not there.  Something was off!  Way off!  There was a missing piece to the puzzle that was keeping me from finding my true voice.  My confidence had taken the last hit.  I wasted a lot of time and money on mediocrity which I was not willing to do any longer.


My pursuits led me in an entirely different direction. I had the privilege to do something singing lessons cannot do and vocal methods are not able to provide.  I was invited to join a group of voice doctors and other medical professionals to learn about the full capacity of the human voice from some of the top voice doctors in the USA.  Their specialty is geared toward the voice of the singer, performer, and others who have voice demands from using it in front of large groups, such as public speakers.  Wow, that sounds like a really cool job!  That education has expanded over the years.  I am both proud and humbled to say that I have achieved something no other Vocal Coach or Voice Teacher in North America has.  Helping my students bring out their best voice based on their own unique and distinct qualities allows the growth to happen.  You bring out your “signature sound”.  That makes a big difference to my students.


Am I saying that nobody should ever trust their impressionable voice to anyone with less than these standards for their teaching?  Am I saying nobody should take lessons from anyone who will provide less than this to their students?  Yes, that is exactly what I am saying!


My certification in Educational Kinesiology really came in handy then!  Educational Kinesiology is the balance between the creative and logical mind.  We are able to use this knowledge to leverage the best in you, reduce anxiety and stage fright, improve performance, and bring out more creativity and expressiveness.  Awesome!  It is practiced in over 90 countries so I am not surprised that it is used by The National Ballet of Canada, Ontario Science Centre, Reebok, Ralph Lauren, Adidas, University of Toronto and McMaster University, Centre for Early Learning -- Exceptional Children Unit, City of Toronto -- City Hall, Royal Ontario Museum, and so many other companies and schools in their academic programs that there are just to many to list.  It helps my students get the edge.


People often ask me how my students who are not professional and sing only for fun win awards and are given opportunities to tour all over the world.  That's how!


Maybe you are like I was.  You have a piece of the puzzle missing.  Or maybe you got off on the wrong foot and developed blocks causing your voice to become out of control.  Whatever it is, I will be able to give you the tools you need.  Then you can focus on what you enjoy most, singing.  Your confidence will build, and you will begin to sing things you never thought possible.


In closing I want to thank you again for being such a great support of Canadian artists.  My hope today is to give a word of encouragement to those who have a song to be sung their way.

Call me at 416-436-8063 to get started.