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“It's wonderful how you help people find their own style.  I owe all my singing to you.
Loril Shannik, Celtic Harp & Vocalist –Multiple Award Winner

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1. VOCAL ASSESSMENT / TECHNICAL DIAGNOSTIC - START YOUR VOCAL ADVENTURE OFF ON THE RIGHT FOOT: Experience the different dimensions within your voice.  Walk away with more clarity about your vocal instrument and learn techniques to begin shifting things going on below the surface that you are not obvious to you, so you can make progress right away.  My advanced background gives you the most current medically proven principles to work from.  These are not offered through standard voice training.

A Vocal Assessment is your opportunity to experience exactly where your voice is currently.  Your voice changes as you do.  What you did before my not be working for you any longer.  I listen to and observe exactly what you are doing, strengths and weaknesses, giving honest feedback you can trust, while guiding you through the process to discover more within your voice.

Every voice has a distinct sound that is uniquely theirs.  Your voice is like a “fingerprint” or a “snowflake” as I like to describe it.  No two are the same.  Each one functions in its own individual way.  When that does not happen, the voice is thrown out of control.  Often a singer, without being aware of it, does things to dis-engage the voice, making it unbalanced.  My job is to find out what you are doing that limits your natural abilities.  I help you turn that around revealing greater potential.

The Vocal Assessment was developed out of a need from singers to have a deeper understanding about what their voice could and could not do, regardless of their level (beginner, intermediate or professional).  They know they have more inside but could not pinpoint what kept them from making more progress and singing the way they know they could.  That’s where I come in!


1. YOUR FULL VOICE:  We go through a series of easy to do drills where you are given the opportunity to discover different dimensions of your Full Vocal Instrument, head to toe.  You gain greater understanding of the authentic qualities within your voice and begin to shift onto the path of vocal freedom.  Whether you want to condition your voice to grow to higher levels or simply use the voice you have in better ways, this session is for you.

2. VOICE HEALTH: Do you fear you may have developed a bad habit that has caused your range to decrease, triggers voice strain and cuts off your air, or makes you susceptible to developing conditions such as vocal nodes?  No worries!  During the Vocal Assessment I will analyze the health of your voice and vocal patterns.  If you are doing something that blocks your voice from functioning automatically, I will find it.  I am here to answer all your questions.

· Singing Voice Specialist: My background as a Singing Voice Specialist is just the thing you need to be sure your voice is given what your voice needs, eliminating everything that has been proven to give only minimal results or harmful to the voice.  If your voice is not doing everything you know it can, this is the right place to find out why and make the right changes for you.  CLICK HERE to learn how you benefit from working with a Singing Voice Specialist.


“Mind-blowing Vocal Assessment!  You've taken me quickly to an early breakthrough.
You have fundamentally changed how I think about my voice and what and how I'm doing with it!
I'm really excited and enthused.”
Ron Christian, Corporate Trainer – Musician


  • Using Your Voice Properly:  Vocal Assessment / Technical Diagnostic
  • One-on-One Private Lessons / Semi-Private / Workshops Available to Fit Your Individual Needs
  • Voice Styling / Bringing out Your Authentic Sound
  • Performance Training
  • Audition Preparation
  • Repertoire Building
  • Stage Fright and Performance Anxiety:  Eliminate Fears – Build Confidence
  • Non-Singer Voice Training:  Actors and Dancers preparation for singing roles.
  • Transgender Voice Transition (Voice Feminization & Voice Masculinization)
  • Public Speaking - Accent Reduction and Pronunciation
  • Voice Rehabilitation:  After an Injury or regain your voice after years of bad habits and mis-use.
  • The Ageing Voice - Care for the Older Voice
  • Children / Teens: Safely develop the younger voice, giving it the proper direction specific to the child, building confidence, setting a solid foundation to grow from, and understanding about their individuality as a singer.
  • Creating the Sound in You Vocal Training CD - mp3 Electronic Download (purchase online through "Learning Tools: CD / eBook" tab)
  • Radical Singing - Break Limitations and Unleash the Artistry Within eBook - Electronic Download (purchase online through "Learning Tools: CD / eBook" tab)



Each lesson is designed to fit your specific voice type.  There is no canned program to squeeze you into.  No outdated scales to slow down your growth or stiffly your artistry.  Every session is designed for you, using the most advanced training tools available today.  You will never have to worry about making progress ever again!  This training is the real deal.  All you have to do is be open to experiencing something you never have before bringing your enthusiasm and passion for singing with you.



Turn back the clock! Rebuild your voice after years of singing with bad habits, abuse, or muscle mis-use.  Doing scales inappropriate for your voice or ones you have outgrown, using your voice wrong, or forcing your voice to do things before it is conditioned to do it, takes a toll on your vocal cords.

Voice rehabilitation starts by stopping all vocal technique and vocal exercises.  Hoarseness, loss of vocal range, Muscle Tension Dysphonia, airy sounds when singing or speaking, feeling a shortness of breath, or other voice disorders cannot be fixed by doing vocal scales or vocal technique, which reinforces the problem areas.  These issues are health issue so I treat them that way.

When you experience your voice breaking down it can be scary.  I am here to work with you and work you through the rough spots in an atmosphere that is supportive and focused on rebuilding your voice and health to get you singing even better than before.

My additional areas of training include but are not limited to:

• Laryngeal Stroboscopy

• Transnasal Esophagoscopy

• Functional Endoscopic Evaluations of Swallowing

• Phono Microsurgery

• Laryngeal Framework Surgery

• Vocal Fold Injection

• Contemporary Voice Therapy

4.  PUBLIC SPEAKING TRAINING – BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SKILLS TRAINING: Non-verbal signals such as the tone quality of your voice and delivery of your message, both verbal and through body language can be enhanced through private public speaking training.  A high pitch/squeaky voice, a soft/lifeless monotone voice, an artificial/insincere delivery, speaking too fast, feeling anxiety while speaking or experiencing stage fright will have a negative impact on your audience, regardless of how much preparation went in to the content.  There is no need to mimic something that you truly do not have inside.  Learning how to strengthen and enhance your voice in a way that conveys a confident, genuine, and vibrant speaker, who is knowledgeable on the topic, is one of the most empowering and powerful tools of influence available to you at any time or place.  CLICK HERE to learn more



Call 416-436-8063 today to get started.


"The first thing I noticed as an adult beginner after trying other vocal coaches is that Donna makes you feel comfortable which is very important. This was not the case with some other coaches I tried who can make you feel like you are supposed to perform on the spot for them!  Donna is also very knowledgeable, always giving creative and practical techniques that cater to your particular vocal needs and which evolve with your skill level.  In addition, she really listens and I mean not only to your voice and how it is doing but she listens to you regarding your overall vocal goals.

It is not an exaggeration to say she is making my vocal dreams come closer than I ever imagined.”
Antonia (Smudgie) Swann, Award Winning Musician for her Original Music


It is all about the joy of singing!  Call me at 416-436-8063 to schedule yours, today!



Public Speaking: Speak with a Clear Energetic Delivery, Stress Management, Accent Reduction, ADHD

I coach people to achieve more by eliminating hurdles caused by a dis-engaged voice or awkward speaking patterns, stage fright or shyness, or a flat presentation delivery.

Speaking is the most powerful tool of influence available to you at any time. Speaking skills are learned skill.  When this interferes with achieving what you deserve and know you are capable of, it is time to get help.  I am that help!


Step 1 Voice Training:

    • Using Your Voice Properly - Vocal Assessment / Technical Diagnostic: Learn the relationship between breath, the sound of your voice, and projection.  Put information into action as I assess the strengths and weaknesses in your voice, guiding you through a series of simple drills to use your voice in a way that creates greater interest for the listener.
    • Voice Conditioning: Engage your entire voice and correct voice issues such as hoarseness, a nasal sounding voice, a weak-shy sounding voice, or a tight strained voice.  Strengthen your Full Vocal System. Speak with a relaxed yet confident sounding voice.
    • Voice Health Care: Prepare yourself for speaking by following simple and easy to do guidelines (day-to-day care, managing extremes such as a voice that becomes raspy or dry throughout the day, unnecessary coughing, or managing health factors that interfere with the voice such as a lump feeling in the throat, asthma or allergies).

Step 2 Presentation Delivery:

    • Stage Presence: Bring out your style, body language, facial expressions, microphone techniques, and convey genuine enthusiasm to your audience. Convey confidence and present yourself as a vibrant speaker who is an authority in your field. Build trust with your audience and co-workers. Present yourself with credibility.  Build trust with your audience and co-workers
    • Be Consistent: Maintain a vibrant speaking voice and delivery throughout your entire presentation and during one-on-one conversations.  Receive immediate feedback.

Step 3 Stress Management / Stage Fright:

    • Relaxation: Learn stress management techniques.  Stop triggers that cause the fight-or-flight response. What to do when you lose your flow during a presentation causing your voice and breathing to become tense.
    • Energizing: Learn how to re-energize yourself in ways that help keep you calm and focused.


CUSTOMIZED TRAINING OPTIONS (add or interchange components to best fit your needs):

  • ACCENT REDUCTION / PRONUNCIATION: For someone whose first language is not English, and in many cases, people who speak more than one language, correct English pronunciation can be difficult.  Learning the proper way to use the voice and correct pronunciation together gives people the tools needed to communicate effectively.
  • WHOLE BRAIN LEARNING - EDUCATIONAL KINESIOLOGY: Excellent for those with A.D.D., A.D.H.D., susceptible to depression, mood issues or focus challenges, or anyone wanting the advantages from a whole brain learning experience. CLICK HERE to Learn More


My extensive background in voice health and experience as a Vocal Coach who has worked with both business professionals and singers, my certification in Educational-Kinesiology for whole brain learning, combined with my work in sales and public relations enables me to design training that transforms routine thinking into new ideas, using the voice as a tool for influence.

Delivery is everything! Corporate Workshops and Individual Coaching Available. Sessions are fun and packed with everything needed to excel.  Call today to get started, 416-436-8063.



This is a great program for yourself or to bring into an organization.


  • Find and speak with your natural voice
  • Eliminate voice fatigue, hoarseness, and tightness in the voice and breathing
  • Improve the sound of your voice, projection, and articulation
  • Fix Speech Problems  -  Nasality, and lack of vocal strength
  • Accent Reduction and Pronunciation


  • Stress Management / Presentation Preparation
  • Overcome anxiety issues and stage fright
  • Develop a bold speaking style
  • Understand your personal verbal and non-verbal habits
  • Present yourself appropriately in every situation
  • The Eloquent Woman – Speak with authority and presence while maintaining your femininity
  • Control your voice and have a command over it


  • Practice, practice, practice while receiving immediate feedback from me to sharpen your speaking skills, building confidence to handle yourself in any situation
  • Develop a Presence  -  What is presence? Connection to the audience, sincerity, presenting yourself with honesty/integrity and to be present in the moment in order to be fully engaged with your audience
  • Eliminate procrastination that goes along with voice/public speaking limitations
  • Learn common mistakes made by speakers
“Donna has been able to finely pinpoint strategies to quickly improve my singing and speaking voice. She is able to communicate her wealth of knowledge on the human voice in a way that is fun, entertaining and memorable.  Over the years, I have greatly enjoyed our sessions together.  She is energizing, creative, and always encouraging.  She cultivates a space where you can grow as an artist and public speaker.  I look forward to our continued work together!”
Sonya Tomas MIR, BSc Psychology - Master's Degree Queen's University

“Donna is Amazing and Fun to Work With!! With her help and expertise my breathing capacity has been greatly enhanced. Now, when I facilitate seminars, I don’t run out of breath while speaking. Her knowledge in the field of voice and specialized techniques taught me how the diaphragm works and how to properly utilize it. By practicing these techniques I can control my breath while speaking for long intervals. I strongly recommend Donna to anyone who wants to improve their public speaking techniques.”

Anne Hurtubise - President, Emotional Intelligence Corporation


Jerry Seinfeld - “Remember, the next time that you’re at a funeral, most people would rather be in the casket than delivering the eulogy.”  I will help you change that!



You are unique with your own needs.  I do not fit you into a “one size fits all” category.  After all, if it were that simple any presentation skills books or courses taken in the past, would have catapulted millions of people into the corner office long ago.  It hasn’t!  We will work on your tailor made program together until you are completely satisfied and are getting the results you need.  To help you understand what to expect here are some benchmarks.  They are:

  1. You will see great improvements in 4-6 weeks when attending training and doing your homework on a consistent basis.  Should you want to reduce an accent 6-8 weeks is a more realistic expectation.
  2. Those interested in making broader changes in specific areas that are causing more severe difficulties due to ingrained bad habits or severe voice weakness may decide to go further with training.  Training of approximately 3 months is a reasonable expectation.
  3. High achievers and/or those who aspire to be the head in their field often choose to train for as long as necessary to develop the voice and delivery they want that best represents them and their business.






”I went to Donna with the intent of improving my voice – not my singing voice but my speaking one. As an actress, I was finding that the pitch and tone of my voice was not working to my advantage. Donna took me through a series of exercises and right after the first lesson I started to see improvement. She was able to connect my voice with my brain and show me the difference that focus and breath control could make on my voice. Genius! She showed me how singing relates to speaking which in turn relates to character.

She helped me to see, what fifteen years of classical training could not – that the placement of breath and sound are key to a great result!”

Christine Wall - Stage and Television Actress


Vocal Training CD and eBook

Option I - Vocal Training CD - MP3 download

Option II - eBook - PDF download:  Radical Singing - Break Limitations and Unleash the Artistry Within

Option III - Audio Training Program mp3 - Home Course


Option I


Vocal Training CD


My “Creating the Sound in You” Vocal Training CD is exactly what you need to get your voice moving and keep you on track.

Included on the CD is warm-up exercises, a track to help you find your specific vocal range, an exercise to combat neck muscle strain and voice tightness, techniques to expand your vocal range and rid you of sounding monotone, increase power and stamina, and improve your ability to smoothly transition between low and high notes seamlessly. Included are piano tracks that are free from background instruction allowing you to use whatever track you prefer with whatever exercise you choose. You will also learn how to better identify problem areas such as using your voice out of your natural range, hit high notes easily, use your voice with warmth and character, step out of your comfort zone by adding vibrato, and much more.

The "information tracks" with must know information alone are worth their weight in gold!

The combination of easy to do exercises and information tracks help you get results and move you to the next level.  It is a must have for anyone wanting to use their voice in an easier and better sounding way.

Creating the Sound in You - CD Content:

Track 1:   Welcome

Track 2:   Instruction Track A

Track 3:   Getting Started Exercise

Track 4:   Voice Building Exercise

Track 5:   Instruction Track B

Track 6:   Resonance/Vibration Exercise

Track 7:   Range Building Exercise

Track 8:   Throat Strain Prevention/Elimination

Track 9:   Breath Strengthening

Track 10: Conclusion

I hope this cd serves you and brings you many hours of enjoyment as your voice responds and moves to its highest level of vocal mastery.


Creating the Sound in You Vocal Training mp3 Electronic Download CD Retail: $35 CAD

CLICK HERE to purchase online (cost includes all applicable taxes and PayPal service fee in cdn$-- listed on your invoice as "Shipping/Handling").

Other forms of payment are cash, cheque, and Interac bank payment or email transfer.



Option II - eBook

This e-book is the perfect option for anyone wanting to understand more about their singing voice.



Break Limitations and Unleash the Artistry Within


Radical Singing eBook Content:

Introduction – Radical Singing

Chapter 1:   My Musical Journey

Chapter 2:   The Leading Edge Advantage

Chapter 3:   Vocal Warm-up! Really?

Chapter 4:   Singing from the Diaphragm

Chapter 5:   Pitch / Notes – Singing in Tune With the Song

Chapter 6:   Hitting High Notes – It’s Easier Than You Think

Chapter 7:   Auditions / Casting - A “How To Guide” to Land the Opportunities You Want

Chapter 8:   Turning Dreams Into Reality – Design Plan

· Designing Your Plan - Taking the First Step

· Design Plan Directions

· Design Plan Worksheet


This eBook is packed with information all singers need to know and much more.  It includes myth-busters and current medically proven voice principals making this an eBook you need to add to your book collection.  It’s the straight talk singers look for.  Purchase your copy of the 40 page pdf download eBook today.

Radical Singing E-Book Retail: $12.99 CAD

CLICK HERE to purchase online (cost includes all applicable taxes and PayPal service fee in cdn$-- listed on your invoice as "Shipping/Handling"):


Other forms of payment are cash, cheque, and Interac bank payment or email transfer


Move Your Singing to the Next Level - Audio Progarm

Step-by-Step Guide

If you have hit a plateau and cannot move past it, this explorative and experiential mp3 audio program is for you!


During this 45 minute program you will workshop 3-Steps.





  • First you’re going to clear the runway and prepare yourself so you can get the most out of this program.
  • Then, we’re going to do 3 very important drills together to set a solid foundation and prepare your voice for more demanding vocal techniques and songs/repertoire. I call this section Artistry in Motion.
  • And finally, we put it all together. Take Action! This is something you can do on your own.

Now remember, we are going to be going through this “together”, “step-by-step” so all you need to do is following along.  Cost: $35.00







“I appreciate having your CD.  Yours is the best one I have ever used.
It is a treasure as I have moved out of the country and I will not be able to take lessons for a while. Thank you so much!”
Rubin Rivera Rodeo
**Rubin was assigned to serve in the military in Iran. I’m honored that my vocal training CD will be there to help him continue to pursue his love of singing.


“Your explanation as to how vibrato is developed is the most logical one I have been given. I need a bit more help. Your CD will do the trick.”
Robert Spadafora, Musician





Live In Person Lessons Available


Telephone or Skype For Home Learning



Customized Lessons

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